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Nintendo Switch vs PC Gaming Experience

Have you ever dreamed of a game system that allows you to crawl and play on a bed or couch while your computer is stuck at your desk when you want to switch to potato couch mode? The Nintendo Switch is perfect for this and has a number of interesting features (such as a built-in 720p screen resolution and 1080p screen resolution when connected to a TV). However, depending on the amount invested, the PC can run at 4k resolution, so games may look better on the PC than on the switch. Although we think that the PC and the switch are good systems, we also understand that sometimes there is only room for one in the house. That’s why we’re going to make a comparison today, so you can decide which one of them will win.

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Nintendo vs. computer game comparison panel

Nintendo is against video games: Via switch

The Nintendo Switch has three uses. TV mode, desktop mode and manual mode. Starting from the TV mode, plug a switch into the docking station, then connect a small HDMI connection from the docking station to the TV, and boom, it’s all ready to go.

In desk mode, there is a bracket on the back of the switch. Just pick it up, remove the switches and you’re ready to go.

Finally, in portable mode, the controllers are moved to the side of the switch, making it look like your favourite Gameboy Advance, and even more so on Wii U. Grab it and you can play wherever you want.

In terms of logistics, the switch has 34.4 GB of storage space and a fairly small amount of memory, but there is hope. On the side of the switch is a USB port where you can connect an external hard drive to create space. It may also seem that there are few games available on this console, but there is a downloadable application that allows you to stream computer games on 60FPS directly to your console, which should greatly increase your Switch game library.

Nintendo is against video games: Why the changeover to the euro?

The best thing about the switch is that it’s easy to take with you, even easier than packing your gamelaptop. It also has excellent resolution and you can play Zelda Breath of The Wild (let’s face it, the game doesn’t get much better). I like the idea of being able to take this thing anywhere and play without wires. If you want to play with a few friends, pack your bags and go somewhere, for example to a friend’s house or even to a park.

Nintendo is against video games: VIA PC

In contrast to the telephone exchange, the PC is highly adaptable. You may be stuck at your desk, but at least you can get realistic and amazing graphics in 4k. Playing with the mouse and keyboard can also give you much greater accuracy in first or third person photography. And if you connect your computer to a TV with an Xbox controller, you can still get that potato thing with the couch. But even if you can connect your computer to a TV (if they are in the same common room!), it still doesn’t have the mobility of the switches. A switch is a handle and a movement, while you should feel obligated to spend time at your desk if you want to stay at your PC.

In this case, the logistics of the PC and the switch make an important difference. With a computer, you can have between 12 GB of memory and 30 or 60 GB and, as mentioned earlier, you can play with a 4k resolution to get a clearer picture. You also have the option of 5TB storage, which gives you enough space for all the video games you’ve collected over the years.

Nintendo is against video games: Why a PC?

As mentioned above, the computer is highly customizable, allowing you to get faster, sharper and better quality images. Even in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield or the brand new game Unknown’s Battleground you can reach fatal accuracy with the mouse and keyboard. Another advantage is that competition increases in PC tournaments, while with something like the Nintendo Switch you will find the game more accessible but probably less intense.

Another advantage of a PC, not a switch, is that if you have a good one, it is reliable. And even if it stops working or gets hit by a few blows, it’s usually easy to fix, and an exceptional computer should serve you for a good ten years or so if you’re looking for a life. Although the switch is a fantastic console with many options compared to the PC, the next one will be released in a few years. Suddenly it will be difficult to find games for the switch, let alone a place where you can repair the console instead of buying yourself a piece of repaired scrap.

Nintendo Switch vs. PC games comparison of our Take

Both the computer and the switch have a lot to offer. Instead of looking for a better option, it’s important for you in the game console. If you are looking for a portable device that offers some pretty amazing playing possibilities, we recommend that you take the switch. But if you’re looking for something that will last for a long time, with beautiful graphics and plenty of space, then a classic PC might be the best option. Anyway, we hope that you have caught a glimpse of both consoles and that you like the one you choose in the end. Have fun and play!

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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