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Pokemon Go Codes for Promo

Pokémon History

In the 1990s and 2000s, Pokémon was an entertainment panic for most children. A lot of Pokémon fans like me have always dreamed of having their own Pokémon, and how much they want to train and fight with them. The curiosity was stunned when we realized this would never happen. But that changed in 2016 with the introduction of Pokémon go. Many Pokémon fans were happy that their dream had finally come true, and just two years before the game’s release, over two million copies had already been downloaded.

Pokémon goes to

Pokémon go was a current trend because a lot of people wanted to test it. It is a mobile game based on augmented reality. The game uses GPS to track players as they search for Pokémon. The game gave the players the opportunity to act as coaches, allowing them to

Anime Pokémon

Pokémon was a very popular animated series that showed a very unique concept of pets. Only pets had unique skills and were used in battle, and as the slogan says: Catch them all, which means you catch every Pokémon in the Sack Universe. Pokémon debuted as a game in 1996, when the manga (Japanese comic book) started selling like hotcakes. The anime / series was launched in 1997 and was an immediate success. This may not be a popular opinion, but Pokémon has also produced many other successful series called Digemon based on a similar concept.

Many Pokémon Go fans look for various Pokémon Go-related offers on a daily basis. Pokémon go promotional codes can be used to unlock unique in-game features and items, including B. Eggs of happiness, bait modules, coins, balls and other similar items.

How do I redeem Pokémon Go-Promo Codes?


  • On the main screen of the map, tap the Pokeball menu.
  • Click on the shop.
  • Scroll down to the bottom right to see the box with the Pokémon go promotion code.
  • Enter the code.


With the IOS, you can’t enter codes into the program, because Apple limits all cheating input fields in memory. However, if you’re using an IOS device, you can login to the game using your Android device account and redeem your Pokémon promotion codes.

List of all Pokémon Gopromotion codes

PMONCHEST Get 2 to 10 exceptional safes.
2 CCC FREE 1024 Packaging
FLASHFIRE Get a rare Pokémon.
GYARADOSPROMO1 Take Mega Gyarados and Gyarados Axe into your inventory.
MEVISNOV9 Free EX card for Mew and Mew!
Yxdgcvl62rlkb Shedinja Power Up for Pokémon or as a free gift.
NOTCOOLTOSCAM Free Pokémon Cards
JoacoSayinYT 50 Free Pokémon Packages
URKCYFYNCVIH Get the Pokémon Mystery Pokémon gift code.
IAMTHEPACK 10 Free Pokémon Packages
HELPOCEMON Free Pokémon GO promotional code
DJ3exclusive 5000 Poke-Dollars received
syminex Pokémon Go Shiny Cubone promotion code
URKCYFYNCVIH Get 1024 pieces for free
Furiusfisten Free rally bridge
Ashxy Get a pack of plasma donors.
NPA329OF Extra Pokecons and Puqbol
TTACCHEMPACKS 100 Free Pokémon Packages
ImMingChang Mega-less generator
destroyed Free capsule
MyCoupon 50 free Pokémon packages
PokemonXY Extra gift card
JoacoSayinYT Pokémon Go coupon code Free parts coupon code
darkexplorer Free hat in the game
Pokemontcg Getting Pokémon
FANTOMFORTS The latest promotional code for Pokémon Go.
Identity Theft&FsuAtl Free pokecoins.
SixZero 60 Booster Pack
NPA329OF Another Pokémon Go promotion code, too.

What are Pokékoins?

Pokecoins is the game currency, which allows players to buy different items in the game. However, Pokémon Go coins are very rare and are very difficult to obtain with a simple game. There are only two ways to get Pokémon coins.

Pokémon Go Coins received – Method 1

The first, albeit very simple, way to buy a Pokémon is to buy coins for the shop.  This is the easiest and fastest way to get Pokecoins. You will find below the suggestions suggested by the game.

$0.99 per 100 pieces

$4.99 for 550 pieces

$9.99 for 1200 pieces

19.99 for 2500 pieces

39.99 for 5200 pieces

$99.99 for 14500 pieces

Pokemon Go coins received – Method 2

If you don’t want to spend money, another way to play Pokémon Coins is to beat the fortification rooms. This method can be complex and require some skill. This means that you must first reach a certain level of skill in vice in order to challenge and destroy these gyms.

Guidance on the application of this method is given below.

  • First of all. You have to find the gym you want to rent.
  • Reinforce the gym.
  • Visit your Pokémon at the gym, and every 21 hours you can exchange them and receive Pokémon Go Coins at a fixed rate.
  • The checkout button is located in the top right corner of the shop, but make sure you do not press the button until the amount is ready that day, otherwise you will have to wait another 21.00 hours. This is also very difficult because the confirmation screen does not appear when the parts are exchanged.

NOTE : You can only withdraw money if you buy a gym.

  • For each Pokémon in the gym, you’ll receive 10 coins and 500 sawdust stars. If you have five Pokémon in five different gyms, you’ll receive 50 coins and 2500 Stardust.
  • The upper limit for cash is 10 coins, so don’t forget to equip all your gyms with Pokémon.
  • It’s also one of the best ways to win, as you can win up to 100 Pokecoins and 5000 Stardust per 21 hours.

How do I get to the gym?

Pokémon go to the gyms, which are conquered by different teams, and you reduce their prestige by defeating them in battles. Keep in mind that you can’t tear down the gym by reducing the prestige to zero. You have to beat the opponent in a fight, and when you do, the gym is not removed, but your team is actually stripped of the authority of the opponent. Then you can store your Pokémon there. The level increases when it is attacked by a certain prestige. Level 3 requires, for example, the 6000 Prestige. If you hit the gym below the 6000 Prestige during the fight, it will descend to the second level. If he has 3 Pokémon, the weakest Pokémon will be forcibly removed and the gym will drop to 2 Pokémon. So, if you lower the prestige, the gym becomes lighter and easier to win.

How do I get Pokémon Go coins after physical education?

Spend the night at the Pokémon Gym, where your Pokémon are stored. 10 Pokecoins and 500 Stardust are accepted every day with every Pokémon stored at the gym. Press the button in the top right corner of the shop menu and pay out the coins every 21 hours.

Questions can be asked

1. What are the benefits of Pokémon Go promotion codes?

Pokémon Go promotional codes are used for additional features and safes that can improve player statistics or enjoy the game. However, only Android users can purchase these Pokémon Go promotion codes because Apple restricts these fields in its store.

2. How do I recognise Pokémon Go promotion codes?

Pokémon Go promotion codes are very difficult to recognise and decipher because they usually consist of a mixture of alphanumeric characters and are difficult to remember.

3. How do I get the latest Pokémon Go-Promo codes?

You can get Pokémon go promotional codes by participating in various promotions from the game’s developers and winning additional prizes. Players are assigned different tasks and the player with the most points wins.

4. Can I buy Pokémon Go Codes from more than one person?

There’s still no answer to this question, but most Pokémon promotional codes have a certain lifespan, which means it’s possible.

5. Can you get the legendary Pokémon Go-Promo codes?

This has not yet been confirmed, but Niantic news suggests that players participating in mega events may receive legendary promotional codes.

6. Is it safe to keep trying random Pokémon promotion codes?

Sure, but be sure to take a break and go on every now and then, just to be sure.

7. Can I redeem my Pokémon Go promotion code for a full inventory?

It is not possible to set the promotion indicator to the full inventory, because if you try to do so, an error message will appear on the full inventory screen.



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