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Snapdragon 636 vs. Kirin 710;

Snapdragon 636 vs. Kirin 710;

The mid-market smartphone market is volatile. In this segment, all manufacturers are constantly improving their air conditioning systems. The Kirin 710 is Huawei’s own chipset, manufactured by HiSilicon and first appeared on the Huawei Nova 3i. The Snapdragon 636, which has been upgraded from the 630, is now available on the market with Xiaomi’s Redmi series.

Snapdragon 636 and Kirin 710 are two SoC’s we will compare in this article.

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The best chip in terms of graphical performance on paper is the Kirin 710, while the Snapdragon has an advantage in terms of functionality.

The chip produced by Huawei is manufactured using a 12 nm process, while the Qualcomm chip is manufactured using a 14 nm process. This difference gives the 710 an advantage over the 636, because the difference in design has advantages such as better performance and longer battery life.

Both chips have an octa-core processor, and in reference applications you can see that 710 is more than 636. But where the 636 has the advantage in terms of quality of life, it represents Bluetooth 5.0 in the economy phones, while Kirin only brings Bluetooth 4.2 to the table.

The 636 model can also support a dual camera system with up to 16 megapixel resolution and a 24 megapixel camera, while Kirin only supports a 16 + 2 megapixel dual camera system.

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(Note: If you display the table below on your phone, you must do so in landscape mode, otherwise you can scroll left to see more.)

Thunderclouds 636

  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 has eight non-standard cryo 260 cores up to 1.8 GHz.
  • Adreno 509 graphics processor.
  • LPDDR4-266 (1333 MHz) memory controller and X12 LTE modem (Cat. 12/13, 300 Mbps down, 150 Mbps up).
  • Comes with Bluetooth 5.0 module
  • Support for Qualcomm QuickCharge 4

Kirin 710

  • Eight HiSilicon Kirin 710 processor cores (4x Cortex-A73 with up to 2.2 GHz, 4x Cortex-A53 with up to 1.7 GHz, BigLITTLE).
  • ARM Mali G51 MP4.
  • Two-channel LPDDR4 memory controller and LTE radio (600 Mbps down, 150 Mbps up).
  • Bluetooth 4.2 is available on this chip.

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Snapdragon 636 vs. Kirin 710;

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