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Solutions: How to Fix Windows 10 May 2019 Error Update 0x8007025D

Solutions: How to Fix Windows 10 May 2019 Error Update 0x8007025D

With the latest update Microsoft releases the 1903 update of Windows 10. This new update is accompanied by many improvements and additional features. This update of Microsoft Windows Update gives you a completely new experience, whether you use it on your desktop, laptop or tablet.

This update window is 7. update key since first implementation; this is the semi-annual update 1. 2019. Because Microsoft has made great efforts and tried to ensure that this update does not encounter the same level of problems as the one published in October 2018.  However, due to important changes in the code, updating a new feature can also lead to several potential problems.

When you upgrade to Windows 10 1903 Download, version , you may experience problems caused by these problems. However, you do not want to have a negative impact on your usability and overall performance.

But how does that question come about?

Migration should not be a problem with the new version of Windows 10. Sometimes problems persist due to outdated drivers, conflicting applications, custom configurations and hardware problems.

Therefore we have published in this blog the Windows 10 May Update corrections for error code 007025D.

Let’s start by getting to know this mistake.

What’s wrong 007025D?

According to the Windows support, 007025D = ERROR_BAD_COMPRESSION_BUFFER = the specified buffer contains erroneously generated data. If you receive the error message 007025D, it means that your PNY devices are sending incorrect or damaged data to the buffers. The buffers of the unit are clogged or the unit cannot decode the data correctly. This error can be explained by the following reasons

  • Damaged data on a USB stick probably means that the data cannot be decoded correctly, resulting in an error.
  • Damaged data can be obtained from a corrupted ISO image file used to create a bootable USB stick.
  • If the file to be copied is missing or damaged.
  • A bad flash drive that can be unreadable in a certain area.

Insufficient hard disk space or SSD

A bad sector or writing to a hard drive or SSD in the Windows installation tries to copy files to this area. This gives an error to the buffer, which in turn gives error 007025D. This error may occur due to long usage of the memory space that needs to be checked or formatted. A hard disk failure can also cause a Windows 10 007025D error.

Poor or bad RAM memory

Poor random access memory (RAM) is probably also the cause of this error. With a clean installation there is no need to fight for disk space or other programs, and all RAM is allocated for the installation of Windows 10. Therefore, a small or badly damaged part of the RAM memory may cause this problem. Windows 10 requires the installation of at least 1 GB of RAM and data must not be copied to a faulty RAM partition. Therefore, the error 007025D can be displayed.

Error Correction Error in Windows 10 007025D

If you want to solve the problem, follow the solutions below. It is not necessarily true that the first method only solves your problem. So start making all the decisions until your problem is solved.

Learn how to correct the error in Windows 10 007025D instead of installing Windows 10.

Solution No 1: Unplug all other external devices

Remove all USB and other devices, including the Internet cable. In most cases, Windows installation will only cause an error due to bad hardware or outdated drivers.

Sometimes the installation of Windows after copying files to a computer no longer requires a USB stick. Just remove the disk and see if the installation process continues from where it was published.

Continue with the following method, even if it doesn’t work after another attempt.

Decision No 2: Hard disk drive or SSD size reduction and formatting

To run Windows 10, you will need about 20 GB of disk space. Reducing the installation partition to 125 GB reduces the risk of damage to the copied space. Disk space can be expanded by clicking on the EXTEND option after selecting a custom installation of Windows 10. The hard disk must be good or undamaged. Solutions: How to Fix Windows 10 May 2019 Error Update 0x8007025D

If you are doing a clean installation, make sure you format the partition to be installed. All bad sectors and records are erased. To format the partition, select the Windows 10 installation as configured. Click on the Format button and confirm that you agree with the layout.

Solutions: How to Fix Windows 10 May 2019 Error Update 0x8007025D

Decision No 3: Downloading a new ISO image file under Windows 10

It is possible that the image file you downloaded is a corrupted file. And these files are not decrypted or copied. It is of course possible that the file is not on the USB stick you downloaded when you created the image.

You need to download the files again, make the installation via USB and repeat the installation process. The .ISO file for Windows 10 Download, , can be found on the Microsoft website. You will receive all the instructions to download the file and use Media Builder to create a bootable USB stick.

Decision No 4: Write the image to another USB stick

If the USB stick is damaged or has an unreadable partition, the buffer technology detects this and generates error 007025D. Then you need a new USB stick to go through this method. Create the installation files on your new drive and repeat the installation process. Creating an installation floppy from another computer solves the problem. If you have already used USB 3.0, use USB 2.0 because it uses a different technology for reading data.

Solution No 5: Start RAM memory diagnostics and replace defectivememory.

If all of the above solutions fail, you may have problems with your PC. When installing Windows 10, it is better not to install Windows on a device if it finds bad memory than to constantly crash after the installation.

If you have 2 RAMs (each with at least 1 GB), try disabling one of these RAMs and try installing it. Switch when the first one makes a mistake. RAM errors can also be checked using the BIOS memory diagnostic tool. Perform the following steps to successfully perform a memory diagnosis.

  • Start the computer immediately. Press f2 or f8 or f10 again (depending on your computer) to display the BIOS setting window.
  • Use the left and right arrows to select the diagnosis.
  • Use the DOWN and UP keys to select the memory test. Press ENTER to start the test and record errors.

If it is still stored or if you find an error in the RAM, replace the RAM and restart the installation process.

Bottom row

The question is how to solve error windows 10 007025D. Let’s hope one of the above decisions works. If the installation is successful, restart the computer to apply the changes.

If you get stuck somewhere during the installation process and Windows 10 update error 007000e occurs, please let us know. Did these solutions correct the error 007025D in Windows 10?



 error code 0x8007025d windows 7,0x8007025d – 0x2000c

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