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Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Take a look at the three effective bug fixes for Android and you will get the error message Optimize the application!

After some research on the network I found out that many Android users get the following error message – Android running. Android X X X or is updated … Demand optimization X X X (where X stands for number of requests).

So, if you encounter a problem similar to the Android problem on your device when monitoring or updating with subsequent application optimization, you’ve come to the right website.

Here you will discover some very efficient solutions that will allow to correct Android boot/update and then optimize theversion of the application. Just read this article until the end and follow the decisions and their steps, then you’re done.

Okay, let’s start with practical scenarios of a real user!

Practical scenario 1: User receives Android error message and starts optimizing the application

Nexus 5 Android launches Optimization application…

My Nexus 5 has been having reboot problems for months, and since this is my second device, I didn’t report it, but I’m done!

The phone is often and randomly rebooted without being prompted, and sometimes some of my information, such as my Wi-Fi data, is reset.

If he goes back on his word: Android launches the optimization application…

This is the worst experience I’ve had with a smartphone, and it’s my first transition from iOS to Iroid, it doesn’t look good. I don’t know if it’s a universal problem, but I really hope it can be solved, because I really love my Nexus and I need it for development!


Source: Google Product Forum

Practical scenario 2: A phone user stuck on Android updates the application optimization

The phone stuck in Android is upgraded. Optimization of annex 1 of 1 HELP!!!!!!!!

I remember I wanted to download something from the Google Play Store, but it took so long that I emptied the PlayStard cache, then I also used a cleaner and a duo booster to clean up the garbage, but it also took longer than normal, so I stopped my downloads and everything else I did.

I turned my phone off. Then I turned it back on, and he said…

Android has been updated and appendix 1 of 1 has been optimized.

and I’ve slept over eight hours, and he’s stuck here. All I can do is remove the battery, SIM card and SD card.

Help me, please…

Source: Android Forums

The question now arises – , how to fix Android running or updates with further optimization of the application problem.

Well, I will share the solutions, but please let us know in advance that Android will be booted or upgraded with a later optimization of the application, which is question and what are the reasons for this problem.

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What is Android Start or Android Update?

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

When you restart or reboot your phone, the Android message may appear.

If you update your phone and then restart your device, you will see the Android ID update message.

What causes startup/update problems for Android?

If there is a problem when restarting the device or your Android phone during the restart or update process, an Android start/updated error message will be displayed.

Another reason may be that if you install an application on your phone and then restart the device, Android will detect the applications installed on your phone and display an error message – Android starts, followed by Optimize XApplications. Here X stands for the number of applications installed on your phone. This error also depends entirely on the number of applications installed on your Android phone or tablet until all applications installed on your device have been identified.

This error mainly occurs on Android Lollipop version 5.0 and higher, but it is very rare. But sometimes, when this happens, it stays on the Android screen for a few hours and the user cannot reach his device.

Therefore, correcting the or Android troubleshooting of the initial message displayed on the Android screen is very important, and you can correct it by following these solutions.

Here’s the solution!

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Decision 1: Remove the SD card from the device to solve the Androidproblem.

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Removing the SD card from your phone is useful if certain applications are installed on the SD card.

In this case, one of the simplest, fastest and easiest ways to fix Android is to run error message. This is a recommended solution in this scenario because it pushes the optimization of the application into the loop and allows the phone to complete the whole process.

When the whole process is complete, the device is loaded. After downloading, insert the SD card and transfer the applications installed on the SD card to the internal memory of the unit.

Tip: Of course, be sure to update all applications installed on your phone when the problem is resolved.

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Decision 2: Android patch starts…Optimize application X from X by clearing cache memory.

This solution has worked for many users, and I hope it will work for you as well. Remove the cache section and remove the phone stuck in Android to fix the problem.

Follow the instructions to clear the cache:

Note: These steps can be consulted on the official Motorola website (Lollipop).

Step 1: Make sure your phone is switched off and not connected to the charger or anything else.

Step2: Now press and hold the Volume down button + Power for at least 3-5 seconds, then release both buttons.

Step 3: On the screen, select the option Restore downloads.

Tip: Use the Volume down button to scroll through the menu options and the Volume up button to select/enter options.

Step 4: On the No Command screen (displayed as an Android robot lying on its back) press and hold the Power button and then press the Volume Up button to enter the menu options.

Note: Don’t forget the steps for the Motorola phone. If you have another Android phone, this is how to switch to recovery mode, it might give you some ideas.

Step 5: Select Clear Cache Partition. Tip: Use the volume knob to highlight an option and press the power knob to select it.

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Step 6: Finally, select ‘Reboot System Now‘ and press the Power button to select it.

Now all you have to do is leave your phone for a few minutes to complete the restart process.

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Decision 3: Data/factory reset to correct Android error start, followed byApplication optimization version.

If both of the above solutions fail in your case, will allow you to clear/restore the factory default settings of your device by enabling recovery mode and clearing the cache in the above solution.

This reset solution has solved the problem of rebooting the phone and optimizing applications for many users, and I hope it will solve your problem as well.

Note: If you erase/reset the factory settings, all data stored in the device will be erased.

Then follow the instructions for a hard reset of your Android device in recovery mode:

Perform step 1 – step 4 exactly as described in decision 2 above.

Step 5: Now select Reset Coil data/Restore Factory settings. Tip: Use the volume knob to highlight an option and press the power knob to select it.

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Step 6: Leave the phone on hold until all contents have been deleted.

Step 7: When the reset process is complete, select Reboot System Now and press the Power button to select it.

Your phone will be rebooted. This could take a few minutes. After restarting the device, the settings screen is displayed.

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Important note: Since a factory reset of your Android device will erase all data, you need to find a way to restore deleted data if it’s important to you. In this situation, you can try the first and best Android Data Recovery software to recover data deleted from your Android phone or tablet.

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App” Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App” Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Bonus Tips: Avoid Android startups and then optimize applications version.

In some cases, Android… The optimization of the application x from x is done when the phone is rebooted when connected to the charger.

Therefore, avoid restarting your phone when it is connected to the charger. And this bug can be fixed by yourself after updating the shop and the Google Play service in a few days.


So these are three efficient and functional solutions that can help you to boot/update Android with the following bug report Optimize the application Note that when the problem is solved after solution 3, all data will be deleted. Therefore, it is recommended to apply Android data recovery tool immediately after troubleshooting the problem to recover lost or deleted data.

Solved: “Android Starts” Followed by “Optimizing App”

Max Field is the founder of He loves Android and likes to write tips, tricks, bug fixes, data recovery solutions and much more about Android.



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